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Super Rave!: Sally Hansen Shea Butter Rapid Finish Nail Color Dryer...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yes, cousins and divas, I did watch the BET Awards and no, there will be no fashion commentary from the House of Country Glamour. I still got visions of Al Green in my head. "My Chocolate Dimpled One" came to my job this morning serenading me with "Love and Happiness"... Dimples and a out of tune voice....I'm in love! lol!!

The show was boring... so I started to do my nails and because I'm impatient, I used Sally Hansen Shea Butter Rapid Finish. Just a spray and 30 seconds and my nails were dry and glossy and stayed glossy. I got this at my CVS for 50% off.

It's perfectly exciting...:)



yummy411 on 10:34 PM said...

ooh i'll keep this for the mommy files and of course let everyone know that you recommended! i really have to time myself and give myself a task while drying.. i'm impatient too.