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Rave!!: New Phisoderm Products!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I picked up Phisoderm Foaming Facial Wash at CVS. Hey the tag said 50% how I do. I been using it for a week and it is fabulous.I has totally cleared my skin up after a sweaty weekend in the Low Country followed by the period from hell. And I'm not as greasy either. I also use it at night and my skin doesn't feel tight at all.

Phisoderm Clarifying Facial Moisturizer was ALSO on the 50% off chopping block. It's great for the day and I can say that I haven't been thru CVS brand blotting papers as rough as before.It's like a gel so its smoothed on and not rubbed in and is slamming grease fighter.
Buy it cousins!!