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Ulta Mini Haul...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Did I mention that actually got out to Ulta last Friday? I had to go Greenville to meet the kids and the Plaintiff for a dentist visit so afterwards, I decided to have lunch at Brixx with a friend and then I went solo to Ulta...
The first thing I did was take off some wedge sandals a Diva was rocking and put on some flip-flops because I KNEW it would be long visit since I've been in there since LAST SUMMER.
And it was a LONG visit! lol! Almost two hours of unadulterated beauty orgasmic experience. Maybe its because I don't get there often...but I'm starting to warm up to Greenville. I really like it up there:)
Here's what I copped:
OPI Cafe Cuties La Collection De France Fall 2008
Ulta e/s in Plum Noir and Night Sky( they were BOGO free)
Essie n/p in Sassy Satchel( it was clearance).
Total bill ( with a $5 coupon out of the In Style Makeover Fall Mag...)


yummy411 on 4:37 PM said...

so jealous! happy for you girl. and shadows bogo free?!?!?1 man oh man!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 5:44 PM said...