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My First Family: The Obamas...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Check out the First Diva's jewelry and smoky eye with the caramel lip( snaps!!)...SHE IS MY NEW MUSE AND PUSH, HONEY!!

Whew...Let's Breathe...It happened and I thank the Lord it happened....:) Hallelujah!

I couldn't do nothing last night but flip from channel to channel in a nervous wreck. I couldn't even eat dinner. I think I was suffering from "Cautious/Nervous Negro Syndrome" or "CNNS". You know, when you feel like something good is going to happen but you too cautious to let your guard down? I fed the children, let them flip around a bit( every time PRESIDENT Barack Obama came on TV, the Weaver Two started screaming "Barack Obama, Barack Obama!!") My Mother called me about something crazy and I told her I would call her back. She said "You MUST be watching those election results..."

That night...The boys and I got down on our knees to say our prayers. We included Barack Obama and prayed that God gives him the presidency. Prayer does work I tell ya!!!

What a picture...I can't wait til' they move in the White House. I can see Malia and Sasha running from room to room in excitement....:)

Sasha's such a Daddy's Girl...She was showering him with kisses all over his face when he picked her sweet...makes me miss my own Daddy.
Gorgeous...So!!! Baby Girls got their hair pressed. Daddy put on a suit and Mommy has on a very pretty dress.:)