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Marshall's+Starbucks Weekend Haul...

Monday, December 15, 2008

My kids got one of their first of MANY Christmas presents on Applebee's gift card from an "Auntie". They LOVE Applebee's...geez. So, off we go. Then, we headed over to Marshall's. I miss being able to put the midgets in a double-stroller and push them around. Now, I have to watch their every I didn't get to concentrate on digging in the makeup...but they were well behaved( Hallelujah God!!) and I got some presents and some me-goodies.

Picked up these Stila yummies...Stila Rouge Pot in Jasmine and Shadow Pot in Amber
That Rouge Pot in gorgeous and the shadow pot is nice too...I've already worn it! But why they named in Amber when it clearly Lavender is beyond me.

Lola lip gloss in Lust and two minis in Love...2.00 and the minis were a 1.00.

I wore Lust yesterday...Love it...2.00 well spent!

Got these brushes, 4.99 for the set...wasn't sure of them at first, but I always need more eyeshadow brushes. I like both!!! There was no fall out, they are tight in the handle and stiff so the color just picked up. The slanted brush is stiff...I can't wait to use this with my HIP cream liners...

Then...God shined his light down on his Starbucks addicted children( me and the boys)! lol! They were having a 20% off all of their merchandise and coffee beans. Scooped up these double walled mugs and some that fab Christmas blend coffee...


Pharoahs Angel on 4:34 PM said...

I LOVE Starbucks! I have to hit them up. I need a new thermal mug.