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Seven Days Of Rural Glamour Hair...Day 7...Skin Delicious Body So Fine "My Mojo"Exotic Hair and Body Oil....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

We are here...Day 7 and the last day of Seven Days of Rural Glamour Hair! I saved the best for last with Skin Delicious Body So Fine Exotic Hair,Body and Miracle Oil. Full of amazing natural oils its great for "Preventing breakage,color fade( I didn't know that!!!),and extremely beneficial for dry scalp." I use it to seal my ends twice a day after moisturizing my hair and on the boys' hair. Spence has a dry scalp and he loves to put it on in the morning then Kel hands me the brush! I got mine in My Pretty Pink Box November Box and love it. I need the big professional bottle they offer!


Mindy Lindner on 11:07 PM said...

Thank you so much Jamie,
I am glade to hear that our "My Mojo" is a hit in your home! Did you know that Coconut oil in studies heals dry scalp faster than medicated shampoos? So Keep Spence "Mojoing".
Mindy Lindner