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Review: Jesse's Girl Loose Powder and Terra Firma Cosmetics...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

In my November My Pretty Pink Box, I received a coupon for a Free Multi Task for eyes,lips, and cheeks from Terra Firma Cosmetics...I choose Hazelnut "Satin". Ya'll know I have a liking for bronze and gold eye shadows...:)

I also received, in the same box, a full size sample of Jesse's Girl Eye Dust. The jar didn't have a name,but it reminds me of MAC Vanilla piggie which is my all time favorite MAC product...
I first did the Terra Firma Multi Task in Hazelnut on the lid to the crease. Its definitely "satin" in texture, with bits of shimmer that blend in. It actually came out to be very much like a eye shadow, pressed, than a loose powder than loose. Very little fall-out too! I can't wait to see how this looks as a cheek color or mixed in a clear gloss, OR mixed in a little translucent powder for all of over glow...It's definitely a Multi-Tasker!!
Terra Firma also has some great ways on using the Multi-Task... I got the 9-piece stacker wand and Dream Kit on my wishlist!

Here's a full frontal of the Jessie's Girl Eye Dust and Terra Firma Hazelnut. The Jessie's Girl Eye Dust is not MAC quality but is a great brow bone highlighter when applied with pinky finger and patted in....

*I have a double, huge chin* I'm also showing off my new earrings that I received in a Accessory Swap sponsored by That Girl...thanks Angie!!