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Bonus RG Project!:L'Oreal H.I.P. Pure Pigment Shadow Stick in Irresistible and Captivating...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Surprise Surprise!!! A bonus project with H.I.P Pure Pigment Shadow Sticks in Captivating and Irresistible. I actually tried to sell these "brand new, never "on Ebay but they didn't sell, so I thought I could take them on. I have the blue one and the green one also and when I used them the color was wack and too light, so they are buried somewhere in my eye shadow drawer...

But, I'll admit, I'm going to dig them up today!!! Here's why:
I went on L'Oreal website to see how to used the pigment sticks. It said they can be used dry for a lighter look or wet for intensity. Ok, wet they will be on me. First, I wet a brush and tried apply it to my lid but it way too light. So you know what your cousin did? She put the top of the stick under some running WARM water, shook off the water and got to work on her eye with the stick.
The color just BLOOMED! Big pink and purple power, looked like I had put lipstick on my lids. Of course, my camera skills do it no justice.
Now, I got my sticks at CVS during summer when they were 50% off. I think CVS took it out of their plan-o-gram because I saw them at my Walgreens and at Wal-Whizzle. So I don't think they are entirely discontinued....

Me and my busted glasses...I can't see real good lately so having rock them more...:(