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RG Project...Nine Days of L'Oreal H.I.P....Forgiving...Day 9...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Okay...Forgive me for this wack photo of the H.I.P. Duo in Forgiving. I forgot to snap a photo of it at home before I came over to my Mom's house to partake in her free wi-fi. But...Cuzins!!...God is So Good! I got blessed with a new computer courtesy of my auntie the day before Thanksgiving!!!

Cue The Shouting Music......!!!

So, as soon as a break down and get some internet of my own....grrr....I'll be posting from the house. And will never have to remember to bring everything with me when I come over Momma's.

Now, this is last installment of the Project, but I will say, I bought two more H.I.P. e/s' yesterday at Walgreens. So I got two more reviews coming soon. I remember buying Forgiving, thinking that this is a weird combo of blue and brown. The first time I used it, it didn't work for me. But after eight days of getting to know my H.I.P. e/s' I felt I could do this one...again.

First, I'm so proud of my blending technique!! Are you not proud of me!! It looks so nice!! lol!

The turquoise color is pretty but a bit deceiving. You think it's intense but its that same "hard to work" color that I've come across in their shadows. The brown color, however, is perfect, true to life, and a great day shadow.
Thanks to everyone who has checked out my RG Project on the H.I.P. eye shadows...:) I love you all! I'm so blessed to be able shared a passion for makeup, beauty, and fashion and I thank God for this talent, even though shelter it alot and some what scared of it. I'm working hard at letting it take its course:)


Nemesis on 11:33 AM said...

Me likey this one...I have to try it like that

Nemesis on 11:34 AM said...

Me likey this one...I have to try it like that

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 12:29 PM said...

Hey "me"!! I hope you do! Pictures please!