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N.O.T.D: Essie Pama....

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Here's a N.O.T.D. of Essie Pama. It was free promotional sign-up between Pama Liqueur and Essie that I received as an email a couple of weeks ago. I never get the any LE makeup or collections that come out. Either I'm broke, to cheap to buy it, or not interested because I've read 50-11 blogs rave on it.Well, I got my Essie Pama last week and the MUA nail board was going bananas on when everyone was getting theirs in the mail.

I have to say...its prettier in the bottle than on me. I thought it would be a deeper red on but its a bright read on me. It looks like Essie Fishnet Stockings on my nails. *sigh* I only put two coats on...maybe be three would have been the trick.

Who else got this and what do you think about it? Let your cousin know.:)