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Rural Glamour Holiday Hair Contest!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


This is Rural Glamour's very first contest and I'm so excited to bring you the goodies for your hair. Along with, I'm giving away "Joy To Your Curls Kit":
The “Joy to Your CURLS” Kit contains the following 4 products:

Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream - a creamy, gentle, sulfate free cleanser that gently, yet effectively cleanses curly hair.

Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner - A deep conditioner that transforms dry, damaged, chemically processed or overly stressed hair within minutes.

Champagne Curls and Kaviar Kinks Hair Restoration and Growth Treatment - formulated with champagne grape and caviar extracts, this growth enhancing, hair strengthening/replenishing treatment is THE solution for women that chemically alter their hair.

Curl Souffle - Souffle textured styling cream which defrizzes, defines and holds curls while locking in moisture

This contest is for all types of hair.I've been using "Joy To Your Curls" kit on my relaxed hair...and the end results are fantastic(Review coming really soon!)!

You have to next Friday December 19, 2008 to leave a comment under this post on anything, as long as it's positive( no hating, cuzins, I'll will get crunk, trust), that's it!

Then, myself along with the twins, randomly draw from a bag the name of the winner and announce it December 21, 2008!!!

( If your comment doesn't automatically show up, its because I got the lock down on my comments section, don't worry...I'll approve it!)

Good Luck!


Isis said...

Ooo! Hair products...put my name in the hat : )


Olivegrl said...

Thanks for the giveway..Happy Holidays..

Linda on 9:27 PM said...

Oooh! Your first contest. Very nice! And the products sound so good! My hair would love them. =)

Pharoahs Angel on 10:53 PM said...

Hey Chica!
I want in; put, my name in that hat.
In your opinion...what is the best item in the give away? & what does it do for your hair?
Thanks in advance.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 2:11 PM said...

Hey ladies...

The best step is the tea conditioner.It's AMAZING!!! I leave it on for about an hour(I broke my hooded dryer:( )and results are very soft hair without the that heavy feel you sometimes get when you DC.

Pharoahs Angel on 2:45 PM said...

Cool, sounds Good! Thanks.

AutumnFall7 on 5:13 PM said...

I love your blog and insights! Please put my name in the drawing....

T.R. on 3:32 AM said...

Wow. Your giveaway sounds great and I like you want to keep it positive.

So I'd just like to wish EVERYONE a wonderful prosperous 2009. May you be spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially prosperous and blessed.

As it has been said "so a man thinketh so he is", so lets leave the trials and tribulations of 2008(or anyother past year) right where they belong, in the past, and embrace our present and future with love, blessings and peace of mind.

Love and happiness,

Nemesis on 4:45 PM said...

No hate here....step sister...LOL!!!

Deanna on 3:02 AM said...

Great giveaway! I'd love to try these :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, I want the Curl Souffle! Sounds so cool!

*B* Fab on 5:54 PM said...

ooh! a contest for curly hair!! FABULOUS!! that's cool you are having your first contest! I'd totally love to try those products!