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Seven Days of Rural Glamour Hair...Day 5...Halo Illuminating Color Protection Leave In Sealant...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Quick Story before the review...on how I can afford this 21.99 leave in conditioner:):

So I've told ya'll about "Green's" and how they got the serious hook up on salon products. Well, they sell this Halo Illuminating Color Protection Leave In Sealant for 3.00. Well, I found one that didn't have the pump on the top so I got my bottle for .50, then I went to the BSS and got an empty spray bottle and transferred the sealant into the bottle. Give your cousin a handclap please!

Well, I don't have any color in my hair but I've always heard the products made for colored hair beauty work just as well on non-colored hair chicas because the extra strengthening components they possess. I love this Halo Leave In because I get an even softer feel to my hair( I put it on after a DC) and it leaves a bit of natural gloss to my hair when dry. This is the extra shot of moisture I need to my hair as these winds start come off the mountains down here.:)

If you need the "hook up" on this...Holla at your girl@ and get the deets.