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Review: Milani Lip Mixer...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hi All!!!
I come today to finally give you my personal scoop in Milani Lip Mixer. I've had them for about three weeks and...well let me tell you some history on how I got...important stuff.:)
My blogger sista Kim sent them to me after still no avail down in these parts. I got Lip Mix( above) and Lip Fuse( a gorgeous pink).
I absolutely love them!!! They are hydrating and the color is amazing and rich. You get a slight sweet smell, no taste,and not tacky or sticky...which I like personally, I don't eat lip!
I tell you, when they finally get here...I'm going to get the other colors.
PS- The last two SMS posts and the pigment post I'm wearing Lip Mix...I love it that much.I've been wearing everyday.:)
Have you used them? Or seen them in your area.... Let me know!


Jessica said...

I just bought one of these, literally like an hour ago and i LOVE it! I have mine in Lip Party which has 3 gorgeous pinks combined. Most of them were sold out, i guess everybody wanted a piece of these. So far i find that they are on the sticky side, which i don't mind and have a grape scent. Right now this is my favorite gloss i love the packaging and everything!