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Review:Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter....

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

After scooping out the last little bit of Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter this morning...I was reminded to do a review on it!! I got the 1.69 fl oz. size at Target for 2.99 about a month ago. Here's the scoop:
-I love the smell. I've read reviews where some don't like it but it puts in the mind of casual-bumping around the house-chillin' out scent. It's fresh and casual like a Saturday afternoon on the couch...
-The smell sticks to you like glue. It doesn't waver and it doesn't go away til' you are ready to take a shower or bath. I like that in a body butter.
-It's a good hand creme too. Will knock ash out like De La Hoya....
-It doesn't soak in quickly. You'll be rubbing for minutes trying to get finished putting on lotion. But if you read the top on the cap it says,"Smooth on damp skin and massage in until it all sinks in" .So, you got what you paid for with a WARNING message like cigarettes.
I'm getting a big jar soon:)


LeAnNe xx on 7:00 PM said...

I had a soap and glory gift set brought me for christmas and in it it had a big tub of body butter and a large shower gel. Now usually i'm weary about body butters as they're often greasy and don't smell very nice but my friend is crazy about it so i thought i'd give it a try. my verdict??? I LOVE IT!! It smells gorgeous, it lasts and isn't greasy at all. I tried it on damp skin like it said and it didn't rub in very well so i tried it on dry skin after a bath and it works perfect!! I have 300ml of the stuff so i'm happy and would definitely recommend to anyone!!!!