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Shopping My Stash...Carol's Daughter Candy Paint Lip Gloss in Bossy...

Monday, January 05, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!: I didn't get the job that I interviewed for last Friday.:( I know, I know. I want to thank everyone who prayed,sent good vibes up, thought good thoughts for me...THANK YOU! THANK YOU!I had good interview and such, but Sunday, I felt like I didn't get it. Then my pastor's sermon was about not stopping for temporary and keep moving on. That spoke to me...and kinda knew I wasn't going to get the job. At least they called to tell me that they picked someone else...I give them mad respect on that because some companies won't call you at all.:)God...doesn't want temporary( which the job was a 26 week project over in June) for me. I knew it. But He has something great in the works. Everytime my savings seems to be depleting...something comes up and its still bountiful...:)
That thing about saving six months worth just in case you are unemployed is TRUTH!! lol!
Now to Stash Shopping of the day....
I'm going to be super real on ya'll. Carol's Daughter Candy Paints are TRASH. They stink,I think the natural oils in them go bad, they are thin in consistency, and they are pyramid scheme( I call every thing a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme if I feel like I "got Got"). When , you look at them in the tube, you think they are sooooo pretty but they come out very "dollar sto'".
This morning....I saw Candy Paint in Bossy glaring at me in the lip gloss drawer. I chose it... And figure my own Ponzi Scheme on I how effectively turned trash into treasure":
-First, you need squeeze all of extra oil that sits at the top of tube out first.
-Don't smell it...ugh
-Don't apply it directly from the tube, you'll have a greasy mouth.
-TWO LAYERS of Candy Paint will give you the color you see in the tube.
I think I'll wear Bossy more...


*B* Fab on 8:37 PM said...

I actually have Bossy and like it, but maybe not that much lol because it doesn't get much play ha! I'm a pink and purple lip gloss girl. I like to use it in the summer when I'm all bronzy and such.