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Rural Glamour: Me and The Cosmetics Settlement...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jamie's account of The Cosmetics Settlement:):

I didn't go the the first day it started, which was 1/20/09. It snowed down here and when it snows in South Carolina, the world stops turning and every one runs out to get milk and bread from Bi-Lo. was all day "midgetry", Kel and Boo, because school was cancelled too...

I went today instead, bright and late around noon. When I got to Dillard's, I signed a list then I was handed a list of the items that where available. I had already eyeballed the list at home, but whatever. The SA quickly highlighted what was LEFT... Clinique Moisture Surge( pass...not a Clinique fan...and has had this before in the past) Armani Code Shower Gel( For Men...Kel and Boo ain't old enough, ha!) and Estee Lauder Night Repair. WTF? Sigh...I went reluctantly and picked up the Night Repair, which better than nothing.

But I just blew my mind that in 24 hrs this was all that was left. None of the 10 or so Lancome Mascaras...but just those three items. I dared to think of driving to Greenville to the Dillards and Macy's up there to see what they had left but I changed my mind and got on the road home.

What did you get from the Cosmetics Settlement Giveway? Let me know!!!

But on a good note, my Victoria's Secret decided to bring out some of the leftover semi annual sale stuff on the beauty side of the store. I got:

Pout Beauty to Wear Treasure Chest-3.75( regularly 25.00)
Beauty Rush Oil Blotting Sheets-1.25
Just Kiss Me Glossy Lip Balm( I wanted this the last Semi Annual Sale and passed on it and was thinking about it since...and there is was)-3.00=9.01 with tax included.