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Inspired: Makeup by RenRen's Rihanna Look....

Monday, March 02, 2009

My all time favorite makeup guru on You Tube in Makeup by RenRen...She just knows her craft and she's easy to follow and does alot of looks of women of color. Alot You Tubers do great tutorials but me personally, if the color picks for the makeup is not something I can relate to...I can't watch or subscribe. You would be surprised at the people who "think" they can apply makeup on You Tube. You will probably or never see me do a tutorial!!! I know when to sit back and ride!!

She did a Celebrity Inspired look by Rihanna that I have loved since she rocked it...So tried it!!

I got the lippie downpacked. Its a cheapie Aziza lipstick from the Dollar Store with a MAC Currant lip pencil, I've had forever...

Lookie at me!!!

Check out the video below...:)