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Review:Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Milani has new shades of their Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows. I grabbed the multi rainbowed colored one...I don't remember the name...will update with the name soon:)

This is my first one. Every time I would see these on the display, they would be broken inside. Well, I dropped mine on the floor coming into the house...And it shattered inside. But, it is still usable!

I used the white, pink and green colors...The green is my favorite.It is true to life green like spring green easter basket green grass!!lol!!

Here's the green again with another green from another pallette...Loves it!!

I can't stand the packaging.The box is hard to open and the shadows are like half cylinders... Work on that Milani...

I'm going work this palette out this spring:)