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N.O.T.D: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightening

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Monday....some you will have one!!

Well, this is a NOTD, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightening, I created this weekend. I had allergy problems and "monthly" problems but some how that didn't stop me from painting my nails!! lol

The NOTD was inspired by this Ksubi tank that I saw in Elle magazine. I think Rihanna rocked this yellow with smiley faces mani before or was it Solange?

That wonky smile courtesy of Revlon Black Lingerie. I could find but Nubar Nail Art in Black. I plan on investing some of those SH Nail Art pens.

Then I bling'd his ass out!!! Like they do it in the country!!
Alas, cousins...this SH Insta-Dri formula in Lightening is crap. It was chipping the next morning...This is three coats...its super streaky too. Punk ass yellow polish. Sorry for all the, not really.*shrugs shoulders*


Rai on 4:01 PM said...

Cuuuute! I love that yellow.
Allergies are evil. =[

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 4:18 PM said...


yummy411 on 12:14 AM said...

hilarious! bling out the smiley face nail!

Allegra on 5:19 PM said...

Isis on my other gmail account---

Awww! Happy Walmart nails :) See, I musta felt the vibe, I was in Wegmans (local supermarket) and saw the line...and thought, aww, lemme find out Sally H is tryna get the fashion colors going... I bought yellow and green out of the OPI Mod collection last year and thought maybe I'd try these...

So glad, that you said it took all those coats b/c that bottle is misleading...I don't have time to do all those coats!

and why can't I find Halle in Kohl's??? I went to the soft opening of a new store yesterday...I'm still not feeling Kohls, been here for about 4 years and I can't get with it..

I digress and thank you for the timely review!!