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Rural Glamour F.A.Qs: A "Dupe" Request....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hey cuzins!!! I had a "dupe" or "Duplicate" request from my lovely traveling bug Soror, Meredith. She really wants this quad that I did a Shopping My Stash F.O.T.D with called Catwalk Prowler. Well, it was from a LE L'Oreal collection in 2005 called Pink Panther featuring Beyonce and is not available in stores( a couple are on Ebay), I couldn't even give her mine because I threw it away! So, asked me to choose some colors similar to those in the palette...

Milani Beach Sand( for the light gold color...but I think I have something darker to dupe that color in my collection...will check again:))
The copper half of HIP Duo in Saucy
The dark pink half of the HIP Duo in Playful

And MAC Romping(it in the Hello Kitty Too Dolly Palette)
Any suggestions for other dupes for the Catwalk Prowler Quad...Let us know!!