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Must Have: Victoria's Secret Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine Eau de Parfum....

Friday, April 24, 2009

I,Jamie, trust Victoria's Secret when it comes to fragrances.I just do. I haven't had a "fail"...only once, VS Angels Heavenly Bloom( I tried so hard for it smell good on me :(...). Their new four scent collection inspired by lingerie has me wanting, needing the Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine, which is phenomenal. Gah!!! Check out the notes in the description:
"A luxurious cloak of cashmere envelops every curve. Sensual vanilla bean orchid from the French Island of Bourbon marries Mediterranean 'living" purple orchid. Jasmine absolute cultivated in India. The lasting warmth of cedarwood and heliotrope. Imported and domestic."
You definitely get the jasmine and vanilla first but the dry down is the warmth cedarwood...*swoon!*
But, uhmmm, it $45.
But.... they do have it in a mist which is $28.
AND a set with all four scents for $42.( I didn't care for the others...)
Sigh...maybe Mother's Day?