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Review: Hollywood Beauty Olive Creme...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I know I haven't had alot hair product reviews lately. Well, its because all the products that I've acquired have not been review worthy...literally not worth writing about good or bad. I do reviews on the best and worst but nothing has really did any thing special on the hair front.
I'm always looking for a hair moisturizer. I find that the best ones come in small containers and higher prices. OR they are filled with petroleum and mineral oil which blocks the scalp. I never 'grease' my scalp. I keep it clean with bi-weekly shampoos or co-washes and I haven't had a dry, itchy scalp since.
So, I was browsing around my new found love, the local BSS and came across a $.95 mini jar of Hollywood Beauty Olive Cream. Good price and great for just trying it out.
I love it!! It has no petroleum or mineral oil. With just a dollop, it moisturizes my hair thoroughly. Its good on my thick,4B hair. But are some negatives....
Because its a 'Cream', it takes a bit longer to soak in. I have to rub it in gently to get the creamy white look into my hair. It also smells like roses which I don't like.
More good news though (lol!)...the 7.5oz jar was only 3.28 @ my BSS.:)