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Rural Glamour Weekend...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday!!

So here are the beauty happenings of the weekend!:

I got my BeautyFix box that I won via a giveaway from BlackVixenBeauty....

Here are the goodies...I was playing all weekend long! I will probably review some of it:)
Won this contest:) I found it on one of those promotion pages in July 2009 Lucky Magazine....Its for a Wet N' Wild package worth $50( which has got to be ALOT of WnW lol!) All I did was take a picture of a display of the glosses on my phone, text it in and they sent my a text saying I won. Then I had to text my info and stuff. Those 'beauty promotions' work...Remember?
Been sporting this wild,fluffy, curly, faux afro hair for about two weeks. I'm 9 weeks post and my buns look rough with all that new grow so I switched to this...

Sunday, Spencie made me a necklace out of green construction paper...Amazing isn't? Lol!! Very avant-garde in the length.:)



Rai on 12:43 PM said...

OMG! You got yours?! Not me.
Where do you live? I wonder if It will come today or something.
Our Postal Office succccks. =[

I did the Wet N Wild thing as well. Can't wait to see what all it is. I know a lucky makeup bag, but wonder what else. WOOOO!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 12:07 PM said...

I live in SC. I saw someone last week in DC get theirs and I was like "Where is mine!" lol

I know...$50 in WnW...I'm excited.:)

The Cheap Chica on 12:32 AM said...

I did the lucky mag contest, too and won. I'm dying to see what they're going to send. You two should do a post on what the prize is when it comes.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 3:38 PM said...

Cheap Chica-Congrats!! And I will post it:)