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Shopping My Stash:Loreal Colour Juice vs.Wanting MAC Naked Honey Lipglasses...

Monday, June 15, 2009

I want those MAC Naked Honey Lipglasses...geez. I haven't even seen them in person but the raves about them plus the swatches on Temptalia have me wanting them... but a $14 lipgloss, that I already have similiar dupes to, is not sensible!! IF I did have that extra change to throw around, I doubt I would. I'm not knocking anyone else's monetary habits but the lessons learned in poverty have been the greatest blessing to me!!

I dug around in my stash and found these L'Oreal Colour Juices in a array of shades similiar to the what I saw in Naked Honey. I think I might have hit the nail on the head for some of them!!!

Here are my swatches and the names of the shades in order: Twilight Pink, Amber Dust, Rays of Copper, Sunkissed Sienna, Caramel Creme and Mandarin. The first four are from a L'Oreal collection that they do every summer called Bronze Glow. They are from 2008. Caramel Creme, you can buy at any drugstore, and Mandarin was a LE Colour Juice that's amazing!


Rai on 12:45 PM said...

I love L'Oreal Colour Juice glosses! But I agree with you on that, plus you get more in those than MAC.

Are you taking advantage of the upcoming 25% off sale?

*B* Fab on 10:35 AM said...

ok I am going to have to go get Rays of Copper! It looks like the Buzz! That Buzz looks alil too coral-y for me so this Rays of Copper looks good! Going to go get it for the FREE from ULTA since I got so many points!

P.S. - can you PLEASE alert me the next time there are beauty giveaways lol!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 12:06 PM said...

No...I can't with that sale. lol! Are you?

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 12:48 PM said...

Rays of Copper DOES look like Buzz!!! I got these back in 2008, maybe 2007...But they do that Bronze Glow every year so it might be there:)