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Shopping My Stash: Ulta Eyeshadow in Wild Flower

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Monday!!

This weekend I unearthed a BRAND NEW Ulta shadow in Wild Flower...Really Jamie? When I find BRAND NEW makeup in my stash, I think..."Why haven't I use this and where was my head when buying it". I feel slightly guilty. I've been struggling for quite some time, and here is a BRAND NEW $7 eyeshadow swimming around in my makeup collection. Infuriated. But I also know that you can't wear ALL your makeup, All the!But, I'll save that for Fatback and Sushi. I must keep it beauty bizness over here:).

This was done on a Saturday like 9:00 am. Don't ask. I was up like I was going!


yummy411 on 10:51 PM said...

beautiful color!