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Update: WnW/Lucky Magazine Promotion Gift...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Remember when I won the Wet N Wild/Lucky Magazine Promotion in the July issue of Lucky Magazine?... here's the link.

Well....It arrived today and this is what I won....

a lip gloss. a makeup bag. a coupon.

Now...the reason I'm acting so cynical about this is that the "ARV( actual retail value)" says $50 in the ad.


This not $50 worth.Do you know what $50 of WnW looks like? It's the most of the display in the store and they send me this!

I know I say free is better than nada...but come on...


-It came within a month of winning

-I got a the new WnW lip gloss to review

-I got a coupon I'm going to use to get the rest of their new e/s crayons I saw in CVS.I already have two.:)



Rai on 7:25 PM said...

LMAO! I got mine today, too.
Soooo not worth $50 is for sure! =/

But the bag is cute.
I have two of those pencils, too. I like them. I think I'm going to get that palette and a liquid eyeliner with the other coupon I won from Seventeen.

The Cheap Chica on 9:26 PM said...

lol, mine came in the mail today, too. i was expecting more, also, but hey free is better than nothing.

yummy411 on 6:22 AM said...

omg! lmao! well.. it was a wnw giveaway... i love that gloss though =)

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 5:28 PM said...

Rai-the bag is cute but i have soooo many cosmetic bags!lol! free is better than nothing and it arrived in record time, like in a month's time after winning.

thecheapchica-i totally agree:)

yummy411-I haven't even opened the gloss. you've tried it?