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A $2.50 Beauty and Hair Haul...

Friday, September 04, 2009

I think I've told ya'll several times about this little salvage grocery store called Green's in my hometown. The treasures I find there are insane. Lately, as far as beauty stuff, they have been slack. Probably because the people in this town don't know the jewel of "product-dom" they are...

Today, I went in looking for those cone coffee filters. I lucked up a couple months ago and got 100 pack for $2.00. lol!

I found a Goodie Hair Wrap( I have this in black)

Masterpiece of Essie with Essie Top Coat,Bordeaux, and Fishnet Stockings

Two Wet N' Wild 650c and 661b
Now, I own, already, Fishnet Stockings and think I own Bordeaux(*update 9/9/09-i dont' own bordeaux already! yes! Score!) but I don't have an Essie Top Coat.I use Seche Vite, but I'm running out!!!! Fishnet Stockings is the one that has the sticky polish on the outside, but I was able to open it and it was not sticky at all...surprised!
I've been noticing in the last couple of MAC collections bright colored eyeliners, so I grabbed these two WnW ones to play with. See if I can dupe some looks:).

Have a great weekend!!!



Atiyah on 8:01 PM said...

The Essie polish is a good haul!