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Review: Revlon Runway Collection Nails...

Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!!

Today, I'm reviewing Revlon Runway Collection Nails...... I wore a set for 5 days. Here's the scoop!
-Great for going out or for a special occasion like a wedding....

Like if you are the boho bridesmaid in a high maintenance bride-zilla wedding. Bride-zilla demands all the bridemaids wear french mani tips and toes and you don't or can't spill another $50-$60 on her wild, over the top wedding. Grab a box of Runway Nails, apply and take them off later that night.

-They last at least 5 days. The box says 7-10 days and I believe them, but I wanted to take mine off so I could play with a nail design I had in mind. I washed my hair twice, washed dishes twice a day, and didn't lose one nail.

-Runway Nails look like high maintenance acrylics...Ive worn acrylics tip on and off since 1993. At my peak, I was in the nail spot once a week for a nail design or fill in or new set because I was young with no children and way too much money to spend. These will definitely satisfy that craving but only for 7-10 days....

-My real nails were in great condition when I took them off.


-I forgot that nail glue makes me itch. Ugh....

-The sizing of the nails are weird. I suggest ignoring that "numbers" system and fit them according to your nail size you feel comfortable with.

-The box suggests to put glue on the back of the nail and on the nail...FAIL. Don't do it. It's too much glue. Choose one or the other.

-The removal process is rough!! I soaked, and soaked and soaked my nail in acetone remover. They DISSOLVE and not PEEL off like the old press ons. It took me an hour to get them off and I still have a bit left on my right index finger nail.

Overall...I will wear the other sets I have. I like them. It was a great change up!!! But, I love my own nails more.:)