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CCO Hustle and Swap: MAC Royal Assests Cool 6...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I owned a MAC MSF in Gold Spill that I had gotten from the CCO in February and it sucked on me. No matter what I did, it looked like splotches of gold dust and glitter on my face.

Fast Forward to 9/11/09...I'm digging thru the makeup "crates" and I find a Ziploc baggy with receipts in it. It has the original receipt of the purchase of Gold Spill too.:)

So Sunday, I went to the CCO and got a $29.75 store credit for the MSF Gold Spill and a MAC Lip Balm I never opened.

I picked up Royal Assets Cool 6 from Holiday 2007( $25.25) with Queen’s Jewel (shimmery, deep purple) and Trophy Pink (bright medium pink). Shadowy Lady (deep brown), Silverwear (silver with pink undertones), Modern Heir (light purple, kind of like Stars ‘n Rockets), and Medallion (courtesy of temptalia)

I don't own any of these colors so I was a steal of the deal and I was soooo happy!
I'm wearing Queen's Jewel and Shadowy Lady....

Quick pic on what I do to my roller set when it gets old...faux hawk...:)



Isis on 12:35 PM said...

Good deal!!

Hair's looking GOOD!

And by the way, "welcome home"...back to the Nappy're right, the relaxer ain't for everybody...

It's been well over 10 years for just got to be so cumbersome keeping up with appointments and such, especially with a little person. Never could stand sitting in a salon.

You're doing a great job working with the line of demarcation :-)

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 3:11 PM said...

thank you thank you...:) i can't the chop it off ALREADY. I got a long way.