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My New Fall Scent!!! Kiehls Musk+Kiehls Vanilla...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Every season, I like to start off with a new scent...But in the last three years, I haven't financially been able to do so. I just recycle what I have, sometimes buying the lotion instead of the scent because its cheaper or waiting impatiently for a $29.99 box set at Marshalls to go down to $9.99. lol!

I stumbled across an article in O magazine about Kiehls Musk and Kiehls Vanilla being mixed together as a "Love Potion". I wondered what it smelled like since OWNED both scents.


Its a gorgeous, sexy, warm, light scent that has the smells of clean and pure but naughty all at the same time. I think its the dry down that makes the combo work. You have to be patient so that the musk and vanilla bind together. And talk about an all day long lasting trick to keeping it on. Its there til you bathe.

I've been wearing everyday since. I think I've found my "signature' scent believe it or not. I've never ever had one...but the "love potion" is it.:)