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NK HD Project:Weekend Smokey and Church Blues and Browns

Monday, October 12, 2009

I play in my make-up constantly.

I learned the hard way that this was a good way to learn any technique.

This weekend, I 'played' in the makeup...

Sunday, I wore NK HD shadows in #3021 and #3016
I also used NK Reflection Duo lipstick/lipgloss in R001....a berry, chocolate color. It was $1.99
I freaking love this duo...I must go check out the other colors again....
Complete look for Sunday!!! With a goofy smile:)

Saturday, on my way out, I practiced and rocked a smokey eye with NK HD in #3017 and Sephora Duo in No 5....

I think I did really good....Smokey eyes are tricky for my eye...this a probably a year's worth of progress...