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Review: Maybelline New York Smoky Surprise Trio

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Monday!!!

I picked up Maybelline New York Smoky Surprise ( from the Poptastic Collection) in Walgreens w/ a$1 off coupon which was on the display. It features a black matte w/ bits of glitter e/s, a dark beige-y brown satin e/s, and a white satin eyeshadow.
I thought I would take pictures with no flash on this one because with the flash...the picture is more true the colors.
Complete look. This time, I followed the 'diagram' and placed the colors where Maybelline told me to. It creates a very "easy" smoky eye...

The black is on the lid, the brown in the crease, and white on the brow bone.....
I like it. This Maybelline Trio is a winner!

What I like it that you get three easy colors to do a smoky/evening/ going out/ eye with. You can turn to these palette only for that and gives you a complete look. I get a lot of my friends ask me how to do a smoky eye. I would high recommend Smoky Surprise. Maybelline should put this in their regular line up....
****The only con I had was that the black was a matte with chunky glitter. The glitter could be excluded. The 'brow bone" color could be also a tad it bit more nude. The 'crease color'( beige dark brown) could have been a bit more blendable, maybe a matte would have been better.****All in all, it a great score:)