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Review:Maybelline Stylish Smokes in Emerald Smokes...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally, I picked up one of the Maybelline Stylish Smokes. I got Emerald Smokes. Why did it take so long? I have no history with Maybelline Eye Shadows. I own none. And I wasn't getting caught up in another smoky eye "kit". I heard these urban tales and myths of the Stylish Smokes being "highly pigmented" and "MAC dupes" after much debating and a little Amazon Associates money coming my way, I picked it up. There.:)

I did this look this morning. It comes with a face chart but I didn't follow it.**Kanye shrug**
Okay, I don't get the "highly pigmented" part. I was building color out of control to get this intensity! I was seriously baffled at this claim. I admit its a pretty green smoky look, but I got shadows that can do this. I do like that golden brown 'lid' color though...that's original.
Eh, I don't think I want another one of the quads but I'll hold on to this one.:)

***Is there a reason why this isn't listed on Maybelline's website?***


Rai on 6:21 PM said...

Maybelline has nice eyeshadows!
And they probably aren't listed because it was a LE thing this Summer.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 5:08 PM said...

Oh....that makes sense about they being LEs from the summer. duh me!

Mike Lowrey on 9:10 AM said...

Awww shucks.
It looks great on you.


Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 5:20 PM said...

Mike Lowrey-thanks!

HeavenLei/Blumoonbabe on 2:28 AM said...

LOL first of all, I just had to laugh at seeing the name "Mike Lowrey" up there, that's part of one my my family's inside jokes.


You just pushed me right over to the "no" side of the fence. I've been wanting to try these quads, particularly the emerald. even though I like the look you did, I can accomplish the same thing with
my MAC Photorealishm quad+ Humid eyeshadow, or the L'oreal Hip Gunmetal duo + a coupled of the NK HD shadows.