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Review: Migi Nail Art....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The good folks over at Migi Nail Art sent me these nail art pens to play with:) I got a pearl white color,a white color, a green color, and a black color....

Each color comes with a brush and a for full nail color and the other for the art....
( with flash) This is the design I came up with last! Ya'll know I'm not this bold on nail design but I like it, its fun and Lord knows I need some fun in my life!!

(Without the flash)

-The colors are intense and opaque. I did two coats and got the look I wanted. I really like that white and black. There are like Wite-Out and Black Ink.

-The art tip is lends a different look to nail art. I love the "brush stroke" of nail art, using a nail brush, but with the tip you can be more "sketchy"....

-The dry time for both the nail color side and nail art pen is horrible. I did two thin coats of the colors and it took 30 minutes and it was still tacky. The pen art was even worse. Another 30 mins and it wasn't dry. I finally put a Quick dry nail polish on it and smeared the art but I didn't care. I just wanted it dry. A hour on dry time is ridiculous.

-I'm sure I'll used them again but doubt an serious investment in them. I researched and found an entire set, all colors( 5 set package) is in the $100 range. Not the the ever-so-often-nail-art enthusantist! But they do have like neon color and primary color sets for $24.99. I could live with the neon set.:)