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Rural Glamour: Curls Transitioning Diva Kit....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As you chicas know, I'm transitioning out of my relaxer to my natural, yet AGAIN! lol! I'm currently and officially 16 wks post relaxer....whew!

My lovelies over at Curls(remember my reviews on Joy To Your Curls Kit and Contest?) have introduced a Transitioning Diva Kit, filled with great products to make the relaxer to natural journey alot smoother... Alot of women are coming out of the chemical processes these days and its great to know you can get every thing you need for the ride in one kit. The Transitioning Diva Kit includes:

Step #1 - Cleanse your delicate tresses with Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream without worry. This super hydrating, sulfate free cleanser with gently cleanse without stripping essential nutrients. ( LOVE the Cleansing Cream!)
Step #2 - Give your locks a spa day! Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea conditioner is the deep treatment your transitioning tresses need. Formulated with natural botanicals, exotic extracts, and nourishing emollients designed to moisturize, condition, and strengthen.
Step #3 - Prevent breakage by restoring elasticity & keeping your tresses moisturized, daily with Quenched Curls Moisturizer! This super hydrating, detangling leave in conditioner/moisturizer is now formulated with sunscreen to help protect your hair from damaging UV/UB rays.
Step #4 - Curls Milkshake is the perfect product for transitioning. The pure coconut makes this ideal "new growth smoother" as it natural softens and relaxes kinky hair and helps to "bridge the gap" between your natural and relaxed tresses.

All for $64!