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Kreativ Blogger Award!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by Chanel of Hip Candy and Kenn of Swagger Style!!!

1. List 7 things that you don’t already know about me.
2. Name 7 other blogs to receive this award.
3. Leave a comment on each of the blogs I nominated
4. Thank the person who gave you the award.

So first, the 7 things you may not know about me:

1) I was named after my grandmothers...Jamie ( Ida Jane) and my middle name is La'Tina ( Modestine)

2)I hate Chapstick, lip balm...any lip moisturizer...makes my mouth feel GREASY...yuck.

3) I only apply lipstick or lip gloss once day, the first time I put it on. When it wears off, I don't reapply. It feels funny when I do.

4) I'm seriously very uninteresting but everyone thinks I'm the live entertainment when I'm around. I swear I've been invited to parties and get togethers for that reason only. Then people get mad when I'm sitting back chillin. I'm not your personal clown. Get a personality!!

5) I'm very quick to cut people off. Even after years of friendship. Even blood. So what. If you make no sense in my life then you gots to go. I'm not 18 and I don't need a million friends or family members holding me back from happiness.

6) I'm a former pageant girl!!! Yep, did couple of years of show pageantry( no talent, all looks) then I set my eyes on some scholarship money pageantry. I liked it, actually. My mother hated it. If I had a little girl, I would let her do pageants only if she wanted.

7) My greatest wish as a parent is to be supportive and open. I never want my boys to think that they can't come to me to talk. I never want them to think that they can't be what they want to be. My parents were/are products of segregation and the Deep South mentality. I could only be a teacher, a doctor, or lawyer but only if I was smarter than the white kids I went to school with. I never want the Bruhs to be limited in thought and passion. I also want them to know that I got their back. There have been many of days that I know my parents didn't have mine just because I wasn't doing what they wanted me to. That's hard reality when you are 10,19,23, 26, 0r 32.



Adrianna on 11:40 AM said...

I have to agree totally on #7. It really holds you back when you don't have that support. I also grew up in the south (Memphis, Tn) and felt the pain. It's everlasting. Which leads to #5. I'm the same way. It is what it is. But I tell you what, I have a strong spirit and can't be bothered by weak minds :o)

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 5:29 PM said...

So true...its all made me stronger..sometimes icy. but hey, I'll be ok:)