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Thursday, November 26, 2009

After using the Conditioner, Oil Free Spray, and Moisterizer for 30 days...I 've a review on Nu Gro...purchased by me at my local BSS....enjoy!

Nu Gro Reviews:

Nu-Gro Conditioner $4.39 ( my BSS)


-I liked the smell. Sweet, garlicy

- looks wholesome, very natural with its texture and herbs


- Watery, you have to shake it up every time you used it

- Too light for a deep conditioner

- The garlic smell might be too much for some


There better drugstore conditioners. Its softens, of course its does, that’s what conditioners do. I wasn’t impressed.

Nu-Gro Super Hair Oil ( $5.99)


-full of herbs. The ingredient list is impressive except the first ingredient is Petroleum.

-lot of product in a jar. I used it for 30 days and got over half the jar left


-Strong garlic smell but has a fake underlining sweet fragrance smell

-greasy. Its basically grease. I wasn’t comfortable putting it on my scalp


This product would be great if it was a loose oil that had to be shaken or if it mixed with shea butter instead of petroleum OR a spray oil. See? I could reinvent this product for Nu Gro

Nu Gro Hair Gro Spray-Oil Free ( $4.39)


- a light spray. With a Oil it would be a great water based moisturizer.

- Spray convenience is great


-The 2nd ingredient is Isopropyl Alcohol. What? Why. Why make a oil free spray that potentially drying….I don’t understand

-However, it does have oils… Jojoba, Olive, Safflower. Confused yet?

-Lasted approximately 30 days. I used it once a day and ran out on day 30.


-I would actually buy this again. They make a Spray with Oil. The smell of garlic is strongest in this product.


I found that separately, the Nu Gro products I used are not worth a damn. But used together as a regimen….it actually works. My hair took a turn in two weeks. It got so thick so quick that I actually had to move my 20 wks trim I planned up to 18 wks. My new growth and relaxed ends got to be too much. My hair actually grew. Even my left side temple, that has been thin for years, filled in more than has in years. The right temple side did not grow as well. I believe my hair loss on that temple is permanent from years of relaxers on my very fragile sides.

I choose to skip buying the shampoo because I didn’t like the reviews I read on it. I didn’t want to waste my money. However I might review it later. I’ve actually moved on to a new regimen. I liked how all the products worked together but I’m perplexed on them individually, leaving me very confused. Lol!.



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