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2010 Beauty Resolutions....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I actually made a video! Which leads me right into my 2010 Beauty Resolutions!

1) Make more beauty related videos for Rural Glamour. I'll be talking about all kinda stuff! No tutorials. I'm not the biz with that. Plus I need find another place in my house to do videos because the acoustics in my bathroom suck.

2)Be better about my skincare.

3) Stay natural for a year.

4) Expand my fragrance tastes and senses.

5) Have a wig wardrobe

6)Apply false lashes.



Alycia's Hot Spot! on 6:52 PM said...

Good job Jamie! I have some of the same resolutions as you do. I am really bad about sleeping in my makeup. I am going to post my beauty resolutions on my blog. Thanks for sharing.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 3:20 PM said...

No problem:) Look forward to reading your resolutions!

Jackie S. on 4:38 PM said...

Here is an easy make-up removing trick that takes 5 minutes...pre- moistened makeup wipes by "Oats Comodyne Towels for Sensitive & Dry Skin". I keep them by my bed, so when I hit the pillow and am too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom to "do the remove"...I grab a wipe, scrub the face while I am in the bed and toss in the trash next to my bed...done! Even if you don't get it all off, you get enough off that your skin is better for it..just a trick I like...hope it helps!