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Review:NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone and White....

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hello Family!!!

Its good to be back in the land of the painless...literally. I was sicker than sick for a week then things turned around about 4:00 am this morning. Whew, God is good, I tell ya!! **Cue the shouting music** ***Dancing**

Ok, now that I've shouted it out for the zillionth time today...let get on to a review of NYX Eyeshadow Bases in Skin Tone and White. I can do these in one review because really, they are the same base...just different shades.

-I like the whole little jar thing. you only need a dab to cover your lid. I have a small eye area, so I just dab my finger in the color and pat it on. I use it like a cream eyeshadow, just pat it on, not rub.
-The coverage it good. Not spotty going on in either color.
-The Skin Tone color is, of course, not my match but I knew that. Please YA'LL know that. Don't expect it to be the perfect caramel honey shade. Its just a base.
-Good price. $6 a piece. I've been using for about three weeks and haven't made a dent.
-The eyeshadow stayed on all day with the base...but I dont have excessive oily lids and rarely crease unless its some really wack shadow.

-The white and skin tones are no different. The white is suppose to make the color brighter...uhm...I saw no difference. **shrugs**


Love them! I'm starting to dig NYX...of course I'm late on that train but do I care? **smiles**
I got mine at Cherry Culture.



DivaInDeepThought on 3:58 PM said...

As an eyeshadow and lipgloss aholic... I love what your page is going. I love NYX too... just found it recently myself... I feel like... what rock have I been hiding under. I think I will give your blog a follow... care to swing by my spot and maybe do the same.