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Review: Clairol Professional Jazzing....

Friday, February 05, 2010

I’m always wary of hair color. My motto is “ if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I love my dark hair. But since becoming natural, I’ve looked at other options to bring out my curls and try a new style. Color is an option… finally!!

I was sent Clairol Professional Jazzing Hair Color in Cherry Cola and Ebony. I’ve seen Jazzing in my local BSS, so didn’t feel like I was putting some foreign brand on my hair. Here’s the 411….


-Semi-Permanent but it lasts way more than the 3-5 washes. I was surprised at the longevity of the color

-Pleasant smell.

-Easy to handle with the small bottle

-Great color. My hair is pretty dark but the Cherry Cola tint was a pretty red-orange


-It’s a professional product. So the directions are not outlined like it was a home product, even though you can use it at home. I found this confusing when I didn’t know if to put on gloves or not.

-Again, I wasn’t sure if I should shampoo before or after or both. The directions only say, “Apply to towel dried hair in sections. Use protective cream around hairline. Keep off scalp” The hair color semi-virgin in me was super confused.


-If this is to be marketed as a home product, more directions have to be included. As far as a product, I like it. I’ll do the Ebony soon, and maybe pick up the Cherry Cola for a summer color change.



Goldilocs on 11:08 AM said...

I used jazzing ALL the time in between my colorings or if I just wanted a new look! I've been using the stuff since 8th grade! My favorite color was Cherry Cola! lol! I always loved the look of red hair/hhighlites!

I always did the bleach first for my highlights, then put the jazzing on tope so the color would pop! The other reason I liked jazzing was because I could use it the same day i did a relaxer (when i was using that creamy crack!)

jazzing is awesome though and the color deposit is amazing!