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Review: Faith Hill Parfums...

Friday, February 05, 2010

I should know country music. I’m from South Carolina…Up Country or Upstate South Carolina at that. But, I don’t. I’ve spend most of my life ignoring it because its every where you go. Every store, restaurant, standing outside pumping gas at the pump is playing country. I only know Faith Hill from magazine covers and that she sings country( I don’t know a single song she sings). So, when I received Faith Hill Parfums, I was taken aback from what I found…here’s the dealio…


-sophisticated notes, It immediately gives you aura of the classics in fashion. I felt like putting on black sheath and kitten heels

-Perfect Sunday go-to-meeting scent. It’s a “good suit” scent

-the powdery dry down to filled my spirit…AwesomeryJ


-the packaging so bland…overly simple, like throw the perfume in a bottle and tie a ribbon around it. You can do classic and sophisticated, without being paper bag plain.


-Love it. Would’ve passed by it in a store and never gave it a glance…but Faith Hill Parfums just taught me that you have open up eyes as well as your nose to find a treasure. Faith Hill Parfums is a super treasure!!


***press sample provided by Coty...thanks!!**