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Rural Glamour: My Recycling Challenge...Use It Up!.....

Friday, April 09, 2010

I have been having alot challenges lately...LOL! No-Buy, House issues, Kid issues....

This challenge is especially for this month, Earth Month. Earth Day( April 22) is just around the corner. So, as I was cleaning out the bathroom sink cabinet, I noticed I had tons of half to almost empty tubes and bottles of product. So I'm challenging myself before April 22, 2010 to use all this products up in the basket...

***after I took this photo, more were added....smh!***

Then, I'm going to take the empty containers to the Origins counter to swap them out for a sample. Origins is only company I know, so far who does this ( MAC does it but only for MAC stuff...)

Wanna join me? Send me photo of your "Use it" challenge goodies and I'll post them!!