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Review: Nailene So Natural Nails....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hi Everyone!!

Today, bringing you my take on Nailene So Natural Nails. The good folks over at Nailene sent me awesome package, so you know I needed let you know the deal on these.

I reviewed a similar product that Revlon makes called Runway Collection Fantasy Lengths and like them. So Natural is suppose to be a cheaper alternative to a set of salon acrylics. Obviously, it is...they retail around $5.99 ( I saw them at Family Dollar for $3.99)
I applied a set for Easter and here are the pictures....Gorgeous and realistic....
I was blown away but let me break it down a bit more....

-easy application, put them on in like 15 minutes...
-pink gel glue is a great idea, blends right in the nail for a flawless look
-fit was fit, my nail bed size various but I was able to find the fit good
-Felt 'finished' and manicured

-replace 3 nails in 5 days when the maximum wear in 10 days
-did have a bit of chipping

Jamie's FULL Take:
-Great temporary look. There is no way I could wear these for ten days. I made it seven and had replaced five nails. There's nothing like the embarrassment me of looking down at your hand and seeing a missing nail and don't know where it fell off! LOL! Now, for a weekend away or a special weekend like a wedding weekend, Nailene So Natural are perfect.



naturalnchicmakeup on 4:14 PM said...

The nails do look natural on. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing with us. I'm now a follower =)

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 5:54 PM said...

thanks for the follow!! following you now too:)