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Glamour Grub: Somersault Snack Co......

Monday, August 16, 2010

As a teenager, I was preoccupied by eating sunflower seeds...all the time. I mean the ones in the shell that you have to pop open with your teeth and eat, then spit out the shell. This hard to eat snack was usually washed down by a Fruit Punch Chek Soda, that you could buy at the long-gone Winn-Dixie for $.50.

Well, Somersault Snack Co. have taken me back about 15 years with their crunchy nuggets that are filled with toasted grains and.....sunflower seeds!!!( without the shell!)

Somersault Snack Co. Somersaults are all natural, 3g fiber, nut free and super tasty. If you are a product and you say your flavor is "Salty Pepper", it better be Salty Pepper to me. Somersault doesn't fail with the flavor. I liked SS Sea Salt, Salty Pepper and Santa Fe Salsa the best. The Chez Cocoa was yummy but I like chocolaty snacks REALLY chocolaty.:) ( addiction speaking)

Somersaults are the perfect "mindful munching"....the bag will be empty before you know it! Try them!

***I washed my SS nuggets down with Honest Tea Half Lemonade Half Tea Tea!***


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***This product was sent to me to review****