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Uh..Fall, Where are you? Fashion Cupcake: Eyeglasses

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I spent most of yesterday going thru my first set of Fall/September Issue magazines. I've recieved so far, People StyleWatch, Marie Claire and Elle. I was in heaven! Each year I make a wishlist of things a want to refresh my wardrobe. I definitely put eyeglasses on that list. I wear them and I like to change up even though my sight doesn't change.

I get my doctor to give a my prescription glasses' prescription and take it any where I want for new frames. Its that easy! I like being able to have that option.

Ordering glasses with your prescription on hand is easy. You can go to a great site like Glasses USA for all types or glasses and sunglasses. I have light sensitivity and plan on FINALLY investing in prescription sunglasses. Being cute and can't see, is not cute! lol!

Make sure you visit Glasses USA online for ordering glasses online. It will save you time and gas going from office to office to get your frames. They also have a Facebook "fan" page:

For you new Fall Frames, Glasses USA is offering a discount code of 10% your purchase, just use the code MOMMY10 !!!


***This is a paid sponsored post***