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Have I found it?: A Possible MAC Lavender Whip dupe....

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Over the last year, one product has haunted me because I didn't get it when it came out. That would be the infamous MAC Lavender Whip lipstick. Of course, when it debuted, I was broke as a joke and had no coins to pick it up. And it sold out at counters and PRO stores with only few on Ebay( for crackhead prices and still on Ebay for crackhead prices and USED!) But I believe in a dupe, honey buns. Somewhere and somehow I believed that the elusive Lavender Whip was out there in another, cheaper brand.

And I might have found it:)

One of the BSS' in my hamlet of a town sells a brand called NK or Nicka K, that I've probably talked about before. This is the brand of the NK HD shadows and NK polish, that quality could rival the big girls of nail lacquer.

The tube had no name, no product number....its just a creamy lavender...I believe its slightly darker that Lavender Whip but as close as one can get...
Here it is paired with a grey smoky gloss no liners...
Honey buns, what ya'll think? If you have LW, let me know how close I might be to a miracle!!lol!