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Weekly Goals: 8/9/2010....

Monday, August 09, 2010

I make goals by the week because that's the only way I accomplish them:) Here we go!

-Finish reading Eat,Pray,Love so I can go see it Saturday afternoon or evening.

-No Flip-flops. ( I tend to put them on with everything! So far I have met this goals for the last 2 weeks!)

-Carbs once a day

-Daily Bible Study

-Meet water intake

-Wash hair on Tuesday

-No Makeup,Clothing, or jewelry purchases this week

-Three cardio workouts/two Yoga classes/ 100 situps ( gotta start somewhere)



Kim {The Stylish Life} on 1:37 PM said...

Great goals J!!! I'm trying to finish Eat Pray Love too. Such a great story of personal discovery. I need to get better w/ my Bible study too. And no comment on that shopping, lol! Good luck w/ your goals!!!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 1:42 PM said...

thanks! The shopping one is going to be the hardest!

Tourmaline2777 on 2:17 PM said...

I need to chill on flip flops too-I wear them way too much.

Goldilocs on 2:25 PM said...

I truly enojoyed reading eat, pray love! Mt friend gave it to me a few years ago and I've read it a couple more times - I'm anxioous to see if the movie does the book justice though, you know!!

What helps me with Daily Bible Study is the daily devotionals I get from - Today God is First and Encouragement for Today. I also read the devotional booklet Our Daily BRead, but they have a website that I set as my home page on my cell phone -!

Good goals list chica!

Mz. More on 3:19 PM said...

Eat, Pray, Love was such a good book. I can't wait to see the movie. Great goals!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 10:36 PM said...

Tourmaline2777- You can do it! I have to hide my flip flops...its so easy to

B-Honey-Bun!!!-I'm signing up for crosswalk and Today God First. I read a daily devotional called Our Daily Word.

Mz.More-Thanks! I can't wait to see it too!