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Review: Aurorae Yoga Mat and Towel....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey Everyone!

In a effort to step up my health game and become a bit more physically fit to run after the boys, I started back taking Yoga at the local YMCA. Yes, start back. I took Yoga back in college, got a credit for it and LOVED IT. Now, I'm in love with it again. lol! Its soothing,relaxing, and challenging all at the same time. The class I take is two days a week, but I want to do it every day. So, I'm currently looking at other options like DVDs and classes else where.

I got to the chance to check out Aurorae Yoga Mat and Towel Set. I received the Pink shade(picture from Aurorae above). Each color of mat they sell has a purposeful meaning and defines your inner self. Pink=Hope: Intuitive,Faithful,Visionary, Power of Positive Thought, Energetic & Healing
I also received the Towel & Slip Free Rosen Bag . I use to the towel to roll up and put under my lower back when we do floor poses. Its more comfortable that way. I use the rosen bag( it has powder it in) to put on my hands for a better grip....
I love that the Aurorae mats are thick (¼”). Being a plus size woman on the mat, I have to adjust and the thickness of the mat just absorbs that. The mat is also extra long (72”x24”x1/4”) so I dont have to worry if my head is going to hit the floor or the mat! This would be awesome option for someone who is tall. I do wish that it would have came with a carrying strap or a bag for easier toting.

There is so much thought put into the crafting of this mat. I absolutely love mine. Please visit Aurorae for more info!

***Disclosure: This product was provided to me for review***



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