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Fresh Coat: China Glaze Fortune Teller + Kleancolor Black.....

Saturday, October 30, 2010

 Happy Halloween, to all!

Here's my Halloween NOTD:

1 coat of Kleancolor Black
2 coats of China Glaze Fortune Teller
1 of Seche Vite


Donna on 8:19 PM said...

Great mani for halloween!

I decided to go with Milani Flash Light. It's my favorite orange. I'm double guessing myself over it though since it has a pink flash to it, it just doesn't seem Halloweeny enough. lol

My word verification is bequidde, that's just too close to "be quiet" for my comfort. Blogger is trying to shut me up!!! lol

Donna on 8:21 PM said...

Oh, I meant to ask about the Kleancolor. I've heard that it's one of those polishes that never dry. I'm assuming you're using a quick dry top coat and was wondering what you use to get it to work for you?

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 10:28 AM said...

lol @ the word verification! Is that Milani one of the Neon Colors or regular Milanis?

I was talking to someone on Twitter who was saying that Kleancolors never dry especially on that is an Army Green Color. I use Seche Vite because I have absolutely NO patience for wet nails. I have to bring it to the salon too.

Donna on 11:57 AM said...

The Milani is from a limited edition collection that apparently no one was excited about but me. It was called the flash collection, I think, and three of the colors were red based, and then there was Flash Light, the orange one. I liked them because they all had the glass fleck shimmer. Flash Light shines and twinkles even indoors, but explodes outside in the sun.

It's probably hard to find anymore, but oddly enough I was able to get a backup a couple of weeks ago. There was one just sitting there in the clearance section of my CVS, that came out of lord knows where, since the collection is long gone.

I'm surprised that Seche works for you, since some of these other bloggers used that, and even then, Kleancolor wouldn't dry fully.

I remember a blogger once said that body chemistry has to do with even nail products, and that you have to try different base and top coats to find what works for your body chemistry. I thought, that can't be true, but now I think she might be right. The top coat that works for my body chemistry is Nutra Nail Speed Dry, that sucker will dry and harden any nail polish on my fingers!