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Happy Halloween with Alize' Gold Passion Liqueur and "31st & Midnight"!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

 Its the Halloween weekend and I know the kids will be having alot of sugar-induced fun! But what about the adults?!?!

Here's a drink I call  "31st & Midnight" featuring Alize' Gold Passion Liqueur!
 What you will need:

-Alize' Gold Passion Liqueur
-Bolthouse Mango Lemonade or Lemonade of your choosing
-Red Grenadine
-Black and Orange Sprinkles
-a glass or  cup
-a shaker ( I used a styofoam cup to mix my ingrediates)
 1) I prepped my wine goblet with black and orange sprinkles by wetting the rim and dipping and rolling the rim of the glass around in the sprinkles....
 2) I poured about a half a cup of Bolthouse Mango Lemonade in the cup with some ice. I eyeballed all the ingrediates but if you a measurement person...a cup of lemonade will do!
 3) I eyeballed the Alize Gold Passion to my liking. I can take strong drink so the more...the merrier!!! LOL! ( its was probably a ounce and half/ a shot and 1/2)
 4) About two tablespoons of Grenadine to make the mixture orange.....
 5) Stir and strain.....
 And here's your "31st & Midnight"!

Happy Halloween Cuzins!!

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